Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ran Into Three Teachers Today.....and the Takeaway from the New Year's Gala on Pearl Street

       Middle Class Mike would have you believe teachers don't like me, but that's not true.  Today t wolong-time pedagogue friends visited me at the Pearl Street Pub and at Pete's just a moment ago, a teacher offered to share the pizza she is having with a local television luminary.
       Also today I put in a full day at the bar after last nights all-niter for New Year's....Looking forward to hitting the hay tonight.
       Highlights of the New Year's bash are leaking out as beautiful people from as far as Montreal found their way to Pearl Street. I even took an hour to visit Shootie and his lovely bride at their New Year's party.
Affection in the Air at the Pearl Street Pub
      Also attending was former bartender Emily who is pictured with her Mom before the Airman heads back to the Air Force at an undisclosed location.
     The Holidays are over and it's time to get to working on the many challenges of 2013 !

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