Thursday, January 3, 2013

A good idea, but not feasible

I saw a post last night on Vanity Fair magazine's site by Kurt Eichenwald, entitled “Let’s Repeal the Second Amendment.” Now I wish we could do just that. Most of what Eichenwald says makes a lot of sense to me. But the fact is, it has no chance of happening. There are too many gun nuts around who think the Second Amendment is as important as the First. There is no way a repealing amendment could get two thirds of each house of Congress and three fourths of the State legislatures to approve it — in fact, I doubt it could get simple majorities in both houses or even half of the State legislatures to approve it. So Eichenwald's column makes no sense. By pushing for something that has no chance of passing, he deflects the debate from where it needs to be — reducing the incidence of guns in a country whose Constitution has the Second Amendment in its text.

I don't disagree with Eichenwald that it would be better if we had no Second Amendment. But let us be practical. It would also be better if we had a Senate that did not give Montana the same two Senators as California. That is not going to change, and neither will the Second Amendment be repealed. Wishing for the impossible makes the possible less likely to happen.

Congressman Owens Casts Vote for Pelosi

    Party loyalty prevailed in DC today as enough old guard Republicans stuck with John Boehner for Speaker, electing him over Nancy Pelosi who was supported by most Democrats. A few members of both parties sat it out or voted for someone else.
     NNY Congressman Bill Owens voted for Ms. Pelosi. As a Democrat, he is supposed to.  
     Meanwhile the Congress endures record low approval ratings after the fiscal cliff episode. Seems the President will have the upper hand, at least for the time being.
Congressman Owens Casts Vote for Pelosi | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

That tattoo may look hot now -- but in 10 years?

         Even though Strange called it a "butt cap" when he gave it to you, the rest of the world calls it a "tramp stamp" and its not good optics in the job world.. Same true of corny lovey sayings written across your thigh or some kind of Tyson like blog coming up your neck.  Add some piercings and a slacker attitude and you are not too employable.
      Long after the novelty and statement wear off , your marked bod doesn't look so cool with its saggy tatts.  Not that some tattoos can't look good on the right people with the right dress and grooming...but for the most part, they look like crap and lower your income potential.
That tattoo may look hot now -- but in 10 years?