Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pet Peeve Alert....It's My Industry and Non-Competitive Practices Irk Me

   On New Year's Eve, Shootie and I were discussing the hosing on-premise sellers of the Devil's brew get from distributors who spend too much of their day kissing the asses of convenience and grocery store owners.
    Today I got into heated discussions with a couple of beer salesmen over the topic as everytime I walk into a Nice 'n Easy and see them selling Labatts for three or four bucks a case less than I can buy it for, it ,well, it pisses me off.
    Of course, the culprit is New York's monopolistic system that forces purchase through a totally non-competitive system of distributors for beer and liquor.
     On-premise accounts used to be important spots for marketing product but now amount to less than 10% of sales. Now the distributors will tell you they won't sell you a 30-pack for fear of offending the convenience store owners.
     When a store is selling 20 packs of Bud Light for $9.99 and bars are charged $20.60 for a 24 count case....Well, somebody's getting the shaft.
     There...that felt good. Now , back to work.

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